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Poker tables for poker fans and professionals, different sizes and models, also personalized and tailor-made , high quality tables .

Our poker tables

Wide range of poker tables in all styles, circular, oval, octagonal, fixed and folding tables and manufactured in series and custom-made, exclusive through customization.

You can buy a poker table for little money, from € 150 approximately, you can fulfill your dream of participating in the game with all the features and amenities, ideal for groups of friends and other playmates, with permanent or temporary space, being able to fold the model when it stops being used.

On the other hand, we propose as a special option, a leap in quality, with which you can have a poker table similar to those of casinos, both in features and benefits. Tables of great elegance, of great quality and made to measure in an artisanal way. These tables are customizable and adjustable in budget depending on the measures you need and the accessories you want to incorporate, as well as LED lights, safes, token holders, coasters, mobile chargers, etc.

It is evident that today, buying a poker table is easy and within the reach of anyone who requires or needs it.


  • Folding poker tables

    Folding poker tables are designed for occasional use, and can be picked up and stored after the game.

    Folding poker tables

    In Poker Articles, we put at your disposal a series of folding poker tables, among which you can make the best choice, according to your tastes and needs, by size, by color of the mat, with or without a dealer's place or by price and with various accessories, such as coasters and chip tray.

    Folding poker tables are ideal for when the space is not permanent for the development of the game, so they can be collected after it, by folding their legs, and can be stored until their next use.

    These tables have a comfortable armrest covered with synthetic leather and reinforced aluminum legs, which makes them comfortable and resistant.

    If you want to buy a poker table of these characteristics, we provide you with the service you need, in addition to shipping to your home at very competitive prices.

  • Fixed poker tables

    Poker tables in the purest style of casinos, designed for both amateur and professional use. This is the ideal place to buy your poker table for our variety.

    Permanent poker tables

    From this section we invite you to know some models of poker tables, among which, you will surely find one that suits you 100% depending on your needs. These tables are designed to be installed in a fixed way, because although they are removable, they are designed to be established somewhere where it is not necessary to disassemble them after use.

    The fixed poker tables come with all the necessary elements to enjoy poker with the greatest comfort, having all the necessary accessory means for it. The armrest, designed to be able to rest comfortably in different positions, a factor of great importance, by virtue of the sometimes prolonged games. They also have glass-holders designed to introduce the drinks into them, avoiding continuous spills. You can also count on other accessory elements such as the square for the dealer, chip tray and wooden track.

    You have no excuse not to buy one of our poker tables, based on our interesting offers and the variety of models.

  • Customizable poker tables

    Customizable poker tables with which you can get your own design, with or without croupier, Cash or Tournament type, mat color, measurements, logo printing, size.

    Custom ADP Poker Tables

    We are talking about high-end poker tables, in the purest style of casinos, made to measure in an artisanal way and with the best materials. These tables are manufactured to order, being able to customize each element of them and creating for you an exclusive poker table from which all the participants of the game will feel eager to play.

    Customization options

    The customization options are numerous and among them you can choose differentiating aspects such as measurements and shape, the type of legs, the incorporation of coasters and ashtrays, incorporation of LED lights, with or without wooden track, incorporation of chargers for mobile phones, with or without dealer place and others such as, the integration of collection boxes and tips, slots, cannon, in addition to the customization of the mat, being able to choose the color and incorporate texts, logos or images that you want.

    Undoubtedly, any aspect that you request we will take into consideration to carry out with all the guarantees, the poker table of your dreams.

    If you want to buy a poker table with such extensive customization features, do not hesitate to contact us to prepare our best budget.

  • Chairs and armchairs

    Swivel and comfortable chairs and armchairs for Poker or Casino of high quality and at the most competitive prices on the market, if you do not find the model among those exposed, make the query because there are more versions.

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