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Neo Decks

Neo Decks

Decks of cards, card games

Decks of cards, poker, Spanish decks and other varieties, models on offer, choose from all the decks of cards the ones that best suit your needs.

Inmprescindible in any house, the decks of cards are items that should not be missing, both for amateur players, as well as for the most experienced in games as well as poker, mus, chinchón, brisca, blackjack, and countless options with which to enjoy great moments of fun with family, friends and playmates.

Poker decks:

We put at your disposal a wide range of poker cards in all their formats, materials, qualities and brands, such as Copag, Bicycle, Fournier, Kem, Modiano, etc.

Spanish Deck:

Wide range of models in Spanish card decks and in different brands of cards from which you can choose, as well as , Fournier, Maestros Naiperos, Cartamundi or Naipes Comas, all of quality and at the best prices on the market.


  • Poker decks in all...

    Poker decks in plastic or cardboard, of all brands and in several formats of different designs. Wide variety in our offer of poker decks.

    Poker decks in all its variety of formats such as wide, regular, jumbo, 4 indexes, etc. In plasticized plastic or cardboard and with reduced and very tight prices always attending to the realization of the best offers on the market.

    Poker Decks

    In our store and as specialists in the sector, we continue to expand the range. with the intention of offering you the greatest amplitude. We integrate new models of poker cards constantly, always having the latest news.

    A game as popular and increasingly widespread as poker, is a fantastic option to offer your guests, então você não deve parar de ter alguns bons baralhos em sua casa. It is an ideal resource to spend great moments, fun guaranteed.

  • Spanish Deck - Spanish...

    The Spanish deck for card games such as mus , brisca or chinchón, as well as Spanish poker cards.

    Spanish Baraja

    If you want to buy Spanish decks, in our store, of course, we put at your disposal a wide range of Spanish cards, among which you can choose the most suitable for you.

    Within the series of this type of cards, there is the traditional model of Spanish deck, typical for games such as, "Brisca, Mus and Subastao" and on the other hand, the deck of "Spanish Poker", this model can be used for Poker, as well as other games such as "El Chinchón".

    Speaking of the cards, our models are all of great quality, because regardless of the model and its presentation, plastic box, cardboard or simply encelofanada, etc., the cards are of first quality in any of the brands that we offer you.

    Do not forget to acquire some deck of our series and do not miss them, always at hand to develop your favorite game .

  • Plastic decks

    Plastic decks are preferred by the most demanding players, who require them for their greater durability as well as for their optimal handling.

    Plastic decks

    They are cards made of PVC or cellulose acetate and that allow the use for thousands of hands without deteriorating, avoiding breakage and achieving an ideal slip between them. Availability in the types of poker and Spanish deck.

    Plastic decks are preferred and most used among the most demanding players, who need to have the best quality for long gaming sessions as well as in casinos, which must have and offer their customers the highest quality deck models.

    Another advantage of this model of playing cards is that they are more difficult to mark, because the ink is not absorbed by this type of material and even if they are stained, the plastic cards can be washed or cleaned by passing them a damp cloth. You should avoid saving the decks of cards without being totally dry.

  • Plasticized cardboard...

    Plastic cardboard decks , poker, Spanish deck and other varieties. There are always decks on offer so you can buy at the best prices and practice your favorite game.

    Plasticized cardboard decks

    We are talking about the most traditional type of cards for games , made of cardboard and bathed with a special varnish thanks to which, the best presentation of the deck is achieved as well as the sliding, increasing durability. They are high quality playing cards , which offer an excellent feeling when handled.

    Cardboard cards or to be more specific, plasticized cardboard, turn out to be in turn, cheaper than plastic cards, as a counterpart, the useful life of cardboard cards is much shorter.

    We put at your disposal, a series of poker decks and Spanish deck, among which, you can choose both by brand and by price, having a great variety and special offers to favor your purchase.

  • Decks of cards for...

    In this section of decks, you will find the most suitable models of cards for magic and cardistry.

    Each deck is especially suitable to exhibit and develop your skills with the cards, in any of the specialties, magician or cardista.

    Decks for magic tricks

    These models of cards are specially designed to create and achieve effects or card tricks. The tricked decks, also called automated, depending on the model, are made for the realization of a single trick with the mallet or to use with a wide series of them, offering greater versatility.

    Decks for Cardistry

    A cardista is a person specialized in making virguerías with the cards, exhibiting his skill with the cards before others. These are specially designed to facilitate the execution of the effects.

    If you want to buy decks of cards for magicians or cardistas, we put at your disposal a series of models from which you can choose your favorites.

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