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Copag playing cards of 4 colors and 4 indexes
  • Copag playing cards of 4 colors and 4 indexes

Copag playing cards 4 colors and 4 index, 100% plastic

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Copag poker playing cards of 4 colors in 100% plastic. Distinguish the suits according to the color assigned to each one, red, green, blue, black.



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Copag playing cards of 4 colors, 100% plastic

Playing cards of 4 colors, the particular design of this poker deck, by having four colors allows to distinguish the suit of each card by its specific color, facilitating the reading of the plays. At the same time, its 4 indexes (one per corner) allow you to discover the cards in any direction you choose, like or feel like, as well as make conventional or inverted fans, among many other options.

The Copag brand (card manufacturers with more than 100 years of tradition), makes these magnificent decks of poker cards, with excellent quality and at a great price.

These decks, being made of plastic, allow maximum durability because they are even washable. In this way, you can share with your friends or playmates, thousands of hands without spoiling.


  • Material: PVC
  • Indexes: Four, one per corner
  • Format: Poker
  • Deck of 55 cards
  • Backs: Red and blue

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