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Decks of cards for magic and cardistry

In this section of decks, you will find the most suitable models of cards for magic and cardistry.

Each deck is especially suitable to exhibit and develop your skills with the cards, in any of the specialties, magician or cardista.

Decks for magic tricks

These models of cards are specially designed to create and achieve effects or card tricks. The tricked decks, also called automated, depending on the model, are made for the realization of a single trick with the mallet or to use with a wide series of them, offering greater versatility.

Decks for Cardistry

A cardista is a person specialized in making virguerías with the cards, exhibiting his skill with the cards before others. These are specially designed to facilitate the execution of the effects.

If you want to buy decks of cards for magicians or cardistas, we put at your disposal a series of models from which you can choose your favorites.

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