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Fournier plastic decks

Fournier decks in 100% plastic, manufacturer with headquarters in Vitoria, producer of card decks since 1870. Its high quality in decks of cards, satisfy the demands of any player.

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Fournier Plastic decks

In Articulos de Poker there will never be a lack of a great assortment of the quintessential Spanish card deck brand such as Fournier.

In our store, you can find Fournier plastic decks in plastic 100% in different models, such as plastic decks in their different versions. From the Spanish deck, to poker and bridge decks, at the same time, with its different index options. These range from the classic standard index, to the giant (jumbo) and 4 indexes as well.

It is evident that among such a varied assortment, you will not have any problem finding the model that you like, in addition, we can boast of offering the best prices on the market.

Actualización: 20/08/2022