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Stargazer Sun Spot deck by Bicycle

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Spectacular Stargazer Sun Spot deck by Bicycle, representing the phenomenon of the stars, with the sun as the main protagonist. Fantastic light and fire effects on a deck of cards.

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Bicycle Stargazer Sun Spot Playing Cards represent the luminous flash in all its splendor of our star, part of our solar system and known as the Sun. You will be enthralled by the design on the back of the cards, a clear and concise image of our sun in full bloom. of fire and light.

Incomparable deck to enjoy it at game and collection levels, printed on premium Bicycle brand cardboard with "air cushion" finish, the back is not completely smooth, but has a pattern, thanks to the which one achieves the best glide.

Stargazer Sun Spot Deck Features:

  • Measurements: 63 x 88mm (poker format)
  • Number of Cards: 55 cards (52 cards + 2 jokers + 1 guide card)
  • Material: Laminated cardboard
  • Index: Standard
  • Series: Premium (Collectible)