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Fixed poker tables

Fixed poker tables in the purest style of casinos, designed for both amateur and professional use. This is the ideal place to buy your poker table for our variety.

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Fixed poker tables

From this section we invite you to know some models of poker tables, among which, you will surely find one that suits you 100% depending on your needs. These tables are designed to be installed in a fixed way, because although they are removable, they are designed to be established somewhere where it is not necessary to disassemble them after use.

The fixed poker tables come with all the necessary elements to enjoy poker with the greatest comfort, having all the necessary accessory means for it. The armrest, designed to be able to rest comfortably in different positions, a factor of great importance, by virtue of the sometimes prolonged games. They also have glass-holders designed to introduce the drinks into them, avoiding continuous spills. You can also count on other accessory elements such as the square for the dealer, chip tray and wooden track.

You have no excuse not to buy one of our poker tables, based on our interesting offers and the variety of models.

Actualización: 07/03/2024