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Concept of Cookies

A cookie is any type of file or device that a website downloads to a user's terminal equipment (PC, Phone or any other device) in order to facilitate navigation, store, retrieve and / or update data. Cookies do not harm your computer.

Use of cookies on this website

Cookies are a primary and essential part of the proper functioning of our website. We use cookies from:

· Identification
· For navigation (assuming an improvement in it and a more comfortable navigation for the user)
· For navigation analysis (purely statistical)
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This website does not use cookies to store personal information, nor to target our advertising.

Who uses cookies from this website?

The information stored in cookies is used exclusively by us. With the exception of Google analytics, which is used and managed by Google and us for statistical purposes.

It is possible that when browsing other websites advertisements for our products are advertised, the display of these is managed through data obtained through cookies to which this website has access.

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