Secure payment

When you make a payment through the website, all information regarding it will remain secure at all times. During the transfer, the data is encrypted.

We use one of the most reliable secure payment systems on the Internet: the SSL protocol. (For more information, visit All your personal data is protected and encrypted before being sent for processing.

What is SSL?

The latest advances in browser and server technology have made it easier to use web services without concerns related to wire fraud. An example of this is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), developed by Netscape, a security protocol sent to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as a draft of the Internet. Basically, the protocol allows the browser and the server of a web session to authenticate with each other and protect the information that will subsequently flow between both points. By using cryptographic techniques such as encryption and digital signature, the protocol: allows browsers and web servers to authenticate with each other; allows website owners to control access to particular servers, directories, files or services; allows sensitive information (such as credit card numbers) to be shared between the browser and the server, keeping it inaccessible to third parties; and ensures that the data exchanged by the browser and the server cannot be corrupted, either accidentally or deliberately, without being detected.

Payment by bank transfer

Payment by transfer will be effective when the money is in our checking account. Normally it can take one to two days from the moment the transfer is made, depending on the time at which it is made.

Payment by bank card

Payments by credit or debit card will be made through the Redsys virtual POS provided by Banco Sabadell, thus guaranteeing the 100% secure payment of your purchases, in this way, you can make the payment of your purchases through this means, with the debit or credit cards of your entity.

Payment per PayPal

In the case of payment with PayPal, the customer will be connected to the PayPal page to make the payment there.

What is PayPal?

With PayPal, you have an online account that makes it easy to send money from various sources (such as credit card or bank account) to multiple recipients (such as an online store or your landlord), and without having to share financial information. In this way, neither the Internet store nor the landlord see the credit card number or the banking information.

If you want more information, visit their website by clicking on this link where it will give you added information about this system so appreciated by users around the world.

Payment by cash on delivery

You make the payment upon delivery of the goods. A commission will be charged from the carrier for making the payment, this commission may vary depending on the means of transport and you will be informed of its amount before finalizing the purchase.