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Loose poker chips

Loose poker chips in different prices, weights and qualities, to enjoy long and exciting poker games, ABS chips, clay, ceramics.

Poker Chip Top-ups

On sale poker chips for recharges of 25 units each, with which you can complete your team in the absence of certain values that you have missed during the game. You can choose between the different types of token and at the same time between the available models of each of them.

We put at your disposal recharges of poker chips in various types and a multitude of models, as well as ABS chips with a weight per chip of 11.5 gr, Clay chips with a weight of 14.5 gr or ceramic chips of 10 gr.

They are different qualities, without belittling any, any of them meets the minimum characteristics ideal to start your poker-room. It is a matter of tastes and demands that you opt for one type of chips or another.

Abs chips, more suitable for groups that want to start in the game of poker. Clay chips, of higher quality for their weight and handling sensations similar to casino chips. And the ceramic tiles of the highest quality and that are at a professional level.


  • ABS Poker Chips

    ABS poker chips weighing 11.5 g, in simple mode or with laser sticker, are the favorite chips of fans around the world. At a very reasonable price you can have all the values and colors you need.

  • Clay Poker Chips

    Clay poker chips with 14gr of weight, made of clay clay composite, are high quality chips and used by many professionals. They stand out among the existing tokens in the market for their great quality and price ratio.

  • Ceramic poker chips

    Ceramic tokens of superior quality, due to its special commitment to the quality of elaboration of the product and the use of petreous materials such as lime, earth or clay. These chips are normally used by professionals and casinos all over the world.

  • Customizable poker chips

    Customizable poker chips in ABS, clay or ceramic, achieving exclusivity with your design. Very suitable for fans who wish to distinguish themselves with their own model or for poker clubs and associations and other circles, as a gift, or symbol of any celebration.

  • Poker chip remnants

    Remnants of poker and casino chips discontinued and in liquidation that you can acquire at the best prices.

  • Poker plates

    The best poker plates

    Poker plates are mainly used in cash games for the highest values, thus reducing the number of chips at the gaming table and giving on the other hand a greater packaging to the strongest bets.

    The available poker plates , are made of ABS or ceramic, observe the dimensions and weights of each model for your best choice.

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