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Fournier playing cards, Spanish cards manufacturer with great international prestige. It makes playing cards in different styles at the highest levels of quality.

Fournier playing cards

Fournier manufactures products related to the world of playing cards, casino and other alternative table games . Fournier is a brand of great tradition in its sector, specializing in game cards in different styles and modalities, as well as, the Spanish deck, poker playing cards, bridge deck, etc., for amateurs and professionals from all over the world.

Since 1870, Fournier, a Spanish brand based in Vitoria of all kinds of cards, has been present in Spanish homes. Today Fournier playing cards are found in more than 70 countries around the world, as well as in casinos and are preferred by players by virtue of their excellence in quality, designs and finishes, which places them as one of the most prestigious brands in the sector.

Behind Fournier playing cards of playing cards, the complexity of the elaboration is hidden, with two layers of special cardboard, joined with black glue to guarantee its opacity, to the secret formula of its varnish and inks. As a result, cards with an unparalleled slide, durability and textures are obtained, which make them stand out worldwide.

In our store, you can buy Fournier playing cards at the best prices, models in plastic or cardboard, within its wide variety of range.

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