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Plastic playing cards kem, are considered as the elite playing cards. Kem cards are probably the best in the world.

playing cards Kem

It is the United States Playing Card Company (USPC), founded in 1867 with headquarters in Cincinnati that is responsible for the manufacture and distribution of these fabulous poker cards. The playing cards Kem, are one more among its variety of brands, among which are included prominent as Bicycle, Bee, Aviator or Aristocrat.

Kem playing cards surpass in strength and durability any other deck of cards on the market, so they produce considerable savings in replenishments. Kem poker cards are very resistant to scratches and tears. Added advantage is that, being plastic, they are completely washable.

Naipes Kem offers the greatest similarity in handling and sound sensations with cardboard or paper cards , with the strength and durability of plastic.

Kem poker cards are considered the finest and most durable, you will see that after playing thousands of hands, the cards remain the same without wearing out. Seen this way, the apparent higher price of these poker playing cards is compensated by the durability of them.

We put at your disposal, poker format models, buy a couple playing cards kem to try them and it is very likely that they will become your favorites and you do not want to change.

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