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Bridge playing cards

On sale bridge playing cards (regular format 57 x 88 mm), in both plastic and cardboard (plasticized cardboard), in all brands and spectacular prices.

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Bridge playing cards

Bridge is a game for 4 players divided into two teams of 2 people each (pairs). In this game, it is about winning a minimum number of tricks indicated by the players after auction.

Bridge format

The name of bridge is also used to indicate the format of the deck, size 57 x 88 cm, which is also called regular, narrow or standard format. This format is used for most games, such as blackjack or bridge itself. Casinos mostly use this format to play poker for its ease of handling and mixing while players prefer the more specific format. Both formats have the same height, while in the wide or poker format, it is somewhat wider.

Sale of bridge cards

We have for sale a wide variety of cards with the bridge format, among which you will have no problem finding your favorite model, both by brand and by its designs. These decks are also offered depending on the material, since today, apart from the usual (plasticized cardboard), they are also made of plastic, superior quality of the deck, with weight gain, which facilitates mixing, elasticity and durability.

A couple of bridge playing cards for the development of your favorite games cannot be missing in any house, for which we make offers with the best prices on the market. Do not forget to acquire any of them

Actualización: 28/09/2023