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Plastic playing cards

Plastic playing cards are preferred by the most demanding players, who require them for their greater durability as well as for their optimal handling.

Plastic playing cards

They are cards made of PVC or cellulose acetate and that allow the use for thousands of hands without deteriorating, avoiding breakage and achieving an ideal slip between them. Availability in the types of poker and Spanish deck.

Plastic playing cards are preferred and most used among the most demanding players, who need to have the best quality for long gaming sessions as well as in casinos, which must have and offer their customers the highest quality deck models.

Another advantage of this model of playing cards is that they are more difficult to mark, because the ink is not absorbed by this type of material and even if they are stained, the plastic cards can be washed or cleaned by passing them a damp cloth. You should avoid saving the playing cards of cards without being totally dry.

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Plastic decks in all formats and game types

Within the range of decks of cards, in this section, you will find a wide variety of plastic decks, in various formats and models as well as brands.

Plastic decks offer superior quality and although they are somewhat more expensive, more and more players are preferring this material to develop their games.

It is a fact that its price is higher, which is in line with the quality and although at first glance it can make up for the difference, the durability is much higher and in the long run it ends up compensating. It is really worth investing a little more money in this option, to enjoy the excellent handling sensations of these cards.

Characteristics of plastic decks

Plastic decks stand out mainly for their flexibility, resistance and durability, managing to stay in good condition for hundreds of hands, they can even suffer certain accidents, such as spills of drinks or food on them without great concern, as they will be perfect again with the simple pass of a damp cloth.

How to wash plastic decks?

Indeed, they can be washed, so we offer you a series of guidelines, if you decide to wash yours.

  • Use cold water, never hot.
  • Use a soft cloth.
  • Use a mild non-abrasive soap (detergent type).
  • Wash them one by one.
  • Also dry with a soft cloth, do not expose to the sun or heat source for drying.

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Actualización: 27/08/2022