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Plasticized cardboard playing cards

Plastic cardboard playing cards , poker, Spanish deck and other varieties. There are always playing cards on offer so you can buy at the best prices and practice your favorite game.

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Plasticized cardboard playing cards

We are talking about the most traditional type of cards for games , made of cardboard and bathed with a special varnish thanks to which, the best presentation of the deck is achieved as well as the sliding, increasing durability. They are high quality playing cards , which offer an excellent feeling when handled.

Cardboard cards or to be more specific, plasticized cardboard, turn out to be in turn, cheaper than plastic cards, as a counterpart, the useful life of cardboard cards is much shorter.

We put at your disposal, a series of poker playing cards and Spanish deck, among which, you can choose both by brand and by price, having a great variety and special offers to favor your purchase.

Actualización: 28/09/2023