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Poker playing cards

Poker format playing cards

In this section, you can buy poker format playing cards (wide), measuring 68 x 78 mm, both made of plastic and laminated cardboard.

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Sale of poker format playing cards

There are many models and brands of poker decks on the market, all of which apparently serve to develop the game and in fact it is, but we must not ignore the fact that there is a specific model to put the game of poker into practice.

We are talking about poker format playing cards, described in English as "wide" which means wide or broad, in a very successful way because it is precisely what it refers to, since it is a type of card that is somewhat wider or wider than the format bridge, regular or standard.

Characteristics of poker format playing cards

We are talking about cards with a measurement of 62 x 78 mm, which gives them a shape that is close to that of a square without actually being one, compared to the 57 x 88 mm that the bridge format measures.

In fact, many casinos prefer to use this model over the poker format because of its ease of handling and mixing, while players prefer to play with the more specific model.

Buy poker format playing cards

In our store, you can find poker format decks of various brands and different prices, from the classic laminated cardboard to the sophisticated plastic decks. Even after the format of the cards, we must choose between the indices (index, suit), in addition to the design of the back, an important aspect of decks of cards, among which some stand out for their spectacular nature, reaching true artworks.

Actualización: 28/08/2022