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Poker playing cards in all formats

Poker playing cards in plastic or cardboard, of all brands and in several formats of different designs. Wide variety in our offer of poker playing cards.

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Decks poker shop

Regarding our selection of poker decks, in our store, you can find them in different materials and different formats. We describe below something more about the models.

Enjoy your visit to our store and acquire one of our models with which to enjoy interesting and fun games of card games in their widest variety.

Types of poker decks

Cardboard decks:

The usual ones!, generally made up of a triple layer of playing card paper "with gut" and with a varnish finish thanks to which the cards slide like a charm and greater durability is obtained.

Plastic decks:

The plastic decks are manufactured with PVC and cellulose acetate, obtaining the necessary quality bonus to be used in long games without deteriorating. In turn, a slightly higher weight is obtained and the glide is impeccable.

Poker decks and their formats

Poker format decks (wide):

Special format to play poker with a size of 68 x 78 mm

Bridge decks (regular):

Special format to play bridge and blackjack among others with a size of 57 x 78 mm

Poker decks and their indexes

In both formats you can also choose the type of index (index) jumbo or standard.

Without forgetting the index, how? What is an index? Well, indexes are called the value and the symbol of the suit or figure, which determine it and are shown in the corners of each card. Among them you can choose between:

  • Standard, the most common.
  • Jumbo or giant, larger in size to be able to see better from any position on the table.
  • 4 indexes, showing in the 4 corners
  • Double index or double pick, shown in the 4 corners, twice, large and small.

    Actualización: 20/10/2023