Sabot blackjack para 4 barajas
  • Sabot blackjack para 4 barajas

Sabot for blackjack, 4 decks

Tax included * Envíos 24 h

Card dealer, "Sabot" also called "shoe", made of black plastic. Accepts up to 4 decks of cards.



We comply with the legal regulations RGPD


Shipments 24 or 48/72 h according to your choice


Deadline for exchanges or returns: 14 days

Card Dealer "Sabot"

A good quality card dealer at a unique price. Deal casino-style decks of cards and spend a fun afternoon with your friends playing cards.

Surprise them with this poker, bridge or black-jack card dispenser made of black plastic. It allows the dealer to give the cards with total precision and without unintentional errors.

- Accepts up to 4 decks.