Customizable blackjack table
  • Customizable blackjack table

Fully customizable blackjack table

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Blackjack table ideal for your club or gaming room, fully customizable, options with or without legs.

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Blackjack table made in Spain by hand.

We are dedicated to the manufacture of tables for games, among the ones we include, this magnificent table for the game of Blackjack, the one we expose.

Main features of the Blackjack table:

  • Support base with refuerzo structure
  • Armrests in synthetic skin of great resistance and durability
  • High strength and durable synthetic fiber rug
  • 2.5 cm DM wood per defect. Other options, wood from pine, wood from haya or different at the request of the interested party.
  • Dimensions: 2.45 m wide x 1.25 m radius.

Personalization options:

  • Dimensions
  • Personalization of cloth: Colors, insertion of logos and texts, etc.
  • Incorporation of posavasos, led lights, wooden track, mobile chargers, chip tray, security boxes.
  • Personalization of the paws.

Blackjack, also called "veintiuno", is a game of suits, owned by the casinos with one or more French barajas of 52 cards without jokers, which consists of summing a value close to 21 but without passing.

Blackjack is a game without a totally clear and defined origin, which has as its precursor the game of the "veintiuno", of unknown origin. However, the first written and direct references to this game appear in the work of Miguel de Cervantes "Rinconete y Cortadillo". Work that deals with about the picaroless men of Seville who they make a living playing "veintiuno".

D. Miguel de Cervantes confirms to us in this way, that already in the 17th century people were playing "veintiuno"