Barajas poker Neo serie 2 magia y cardistry
  • Barajas poker Neo serie 2 magia y cardistry
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Neo deck series 2 of Copag Magic and Cardistry

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Copag's Neo 310 Poker Decks series 2 of 55 cards with True Linen B9 finish special for magicians and cardholders.

Neo Decks


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Neo Deck Series 2 of Copag special Magos and Cardistry

The Neo deck from Copag achieves a perfect True Linen B9 finish, as a result of the collaboration with magicians and expert cardistas, taking note of their recommendations and after the deep research and experimentation in the more than 300 prototypes tested. After two years of development, the 310 deck is ready for presentation and launch by the brand.

The cards in the deck...

The Neo deck of Copag obtains as highlights, its greater duration and extraordinary handling thanks to its finish. Of soft consistency at the same time as flexible, as well as its great sliding capacity, they make up a balance achieved between the cardboard, its coating, the linen finish and its cut, thanks to which lightness and dominance in the sleight of hand is achieved.

For magic tricks

Copag's Neo deck has been designed especially for magicians. In poker format, it includes two identical wild cards, a double back card and a blank face, which open the range of possibilities in terms of the variety of routines. This model of cards with classic faces and backs in blue and red, ensure that your audience is able to identify them without problem, avoiding distrust.

Features of the deck:

  • Poker format
  • Index: Regular
  • 55 cards
  • 2 identical wildcards
  • 1 Double back card and a blank face
  • Models: Tune In - Connect - Candy Maze

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