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Ceramic chips cases

Ceramic chips cases or Full Clay are normally used in casinos and large tournaments, although their price is higher, there are many players who prefer them for their superior quality. We put several models at your disposal.

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Buy ceramic chips cases

Ceramic chips cases for sale in our poker shop, at the most competitive prices on the market. The considerable leap in quality of these chips is worth it despite the price difference and there are already many players who have them.

You can buy the briefcase with the chips available in store stock or we can even create them exclusively for you, making your chips unique and giving you the peace of mind that no chips come in from outside, resulting in ostensibly more expensive than the chips themselves. Visit the following link for more information about this aspect.

Configurable ceramic chips cases

All our ceramic chips cases are customizable, that is, you can choose the specific chip configuration that you consider necessary for your games, depending on the type of game or your special needs.

On the payment or check-out page, you have a field for messages about your order. Indicate in it the desired composition of chips for your poker case as follows, XXX chips value 25, XXX chips value 50, XXX chips value 100, etc. and so on until you complete all the chips and values ​​that you want to add to your briefcase.

Characteristics of ceramic chips cases

They incorporate these ceramic chips weighing 10 gr with a measurement of 39 x 3 mm and made of stone materials, such as clay, earth and lime, without metal insert and without adhesives, that is, the printing is done on the own chips through the sublimation technique (heat transfer) in four colors or what is the same, in full color.

You can also choose the cases by their content capacity, between briefcases of 300, 500 and 1000 chips, like the most common, although you can also find in the section of empty briefcases, transparent acrylic boxes with a capacity for 600 chips.

Actualización: 27/08/2022