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ABS chips poker cases

Poker cases with ABS chips, with metal insert that helps to achieve the 11.5 gr of weight and that characteristic sound of poker or casino chips.

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ABS Chip Poker Cases

At, we put a wide range of poker cases at your disposal, all of them of great quality, including the cheapest model or type of chips such as ABS chips.

ABS chips are ideal for getting started in this interesting game such as poker, without the need to invest larger amounts of money. I assure you that you are going to enjoy the game in its fullness, managing this type of game tokens.

Options of our Poker Cases

Our usual range of poker cases with capacities for 300, 500 and 1000 chips which you can get in this store at unbeatable prices.

You can also choose the type of deck among our models of plastic decks or cardboard decks.

Finally, some also offer the possibility of choosing the poker cases model, among several available, if this is not the case with yours, you only have to request it and we will make the appropriate surcharge or discount to compensate for the differences.

Poker Cases Shop

As you can see, we are specialists in the sector and we have the latest models, as well as countless accessories, with which you can complement your poker equipment. Almost a decade indorse us, having acquired during all that time, the necessary experience to offer you the best quality of product as well as service.

Speaking of service, you have us at your complete disposal, do not hesitate to call for any questions, we will gladly assist you and clarify any doubts that may arise.

Actualización: 27/08/2022