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Maletín de poker de 300 fichas Clay tipo King´s Casino
  • Maletín de poker de 300 fichas Clay tipo King´s Casino
  • Maletín de poker de 500 fichas Clay tipo King´s Casino, torneo.

Clay Lucky Chips Poker Chip Briefcases

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Clay Lucky Chips Poker Chip Briefcases - Las Vegas. These are poker chips made of Clay clay weighing 14 gr.

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Clay Lucky Chips Poker Chip Briefcases - Las Vegas

We are talking about a team, composed of an aluminum poker case with chip holders covered with velvet for the best care of the chips and other components of the case. The poker chips "Lucky Chips", are numbered chips made of Clay Composite clay and their weight is 14 gr and in addition to their spectacular design, they have embossed the text "Las Vegas" on the faces of the chips.

Their sound is dry, their touch soft and they stack very well without slipping thanks to their weight and composition. Accompanying the briefcase are 2 decks, five PVC dice and a dealer token (different modes of its description).

Without a doubt we are talking about a superior quality team, with which you will be able to personally enjoy and make your playmates enjoy fantastic afternoons and nights playing poker.

Briefcases of 300 chips: They are the most suitable for games of up to 5 or 6 players.

Composition: 100 value tokens 1, 100 value tokens 5, 50 value tokens 25, 50 value tokens 50

500-chip briefcases: they are best suited for games of up to 10 players

Composition: 150 value tokens 1, 150 value tokens 5, 100 value tokens 25, 100 value tokens 50

In any case, you can always buy as a complement to your team, rolls of loose chips as a recharge and increase the number of colors (values) and the number of participants.

The poker set is composed of 300 or 500 Clay chips of type Lucky chips - Las Vegas

Includes: 1 Dealer Button, 2 poker decks of 52 cards + 5 dice