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maletín de poker con 300 fichas láser Ultimate.
  • maletín de poker con 300 fichas láser Ultimate.
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  • Barajas plastico maletines

Ultimate Chip Poker Cases

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Chip Poker Briefcases Ultimate, the ABS fichas of 11.5 gr of weight, Ultimate model, are numbered tokens of very attractive design.

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Chip Poker Briefcases Ultimate

Chip Poker Briefcases Ultimate composed of sets of 300 or 500 tiles of 11.5 gr ABS numbered with high quality laser sticker. Ultimate laser tiles react with light and can display colors of greater or lesser intensity depending on the angle of reflection of the light.

They have a pleasant feel and a sound similar to casino chips. These chips will delight any poker player.

300-chip poker cases:

They are best suited for games of up to 5 or 6 players.

Composition of 300-chip briefcase

100 tokens value 1 - 50 tokens value 5 - 50 tokens value 10 - 50 tokens value 25 - 50 of 100

500-chip poker cases:

They are best suited for games of up to 10 players.

Composition of 500-chip briefcase

150 tokens value 1 - 150 tokens value 5 - 100 tokens value 25 - 50 tokens value 50 - 50 of 100

In any case, you can always buy as a complement to your team, cartridges or refills of loose chips and increase the number of colors (values) and the number of participants.

This superior quality poker equipment consists of 300 or 500 poker chips and an aluminium poker case with a key lock.

In the event that any value is exhausted, it will be replaced by the previous or the next.

Includes: 1 Dealer Button, 2 decks of 52 cardboard or plastic cards and 5 red PVC dice


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