Fichas de poker suited azul
  • Fichas de poker suited azul

Suited poker chip top-ups 13.5 gr

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Poker Suited chips are the best known and most appreciated for their design and quality. Cartridges or refills of 25 ABS suited chips 13.5 gr.

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Suited ABS Poker Chips

Suited poker chips are chips made of ABS resin (acrinolithyl butadiene styrene). These tiles incorporate a metal insert inside, thus improving its sound and weight qualities and providing the ABS tab with a greater entity. The sound of the tiles when colliding with each other, is a dry and metallic sound and its weight is 11.5 gr. All these features make the ABS token one of the preferred by fans around the world for its high level of quality and low price.

Suited Poker Chip Top-ups

These tokens in addition to sets of briefcase type and others, are sold as refills by cartridges of 25 units, thus being able to complement the configuration of your equipment, adding a greater amount depending on the needs or a greater number of colors (values) that you may lack.

The Poker Suited Chips model is unnumbered, thus being able to vary its value depending on the type of game (cash or tournament) adapting it to the needs of each moment.

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