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Folding poker boards and other games

These folding poker boards are rigid and adapted so that the game runs comfortably. 

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Folding poker boards

Different shapes, sizes and prices to choose from. They are the ideal complement to any timba you organize with your friends.

Folding poker boards are mainly used by poker players, as you turn any table into a poker table in a moment, but they are also usable for any other card game in which a few people gather, getting the right space for comfort and performance.

These boards are made of wood, covered with appropriate fabrics and foam to cushion their surface and have the advantage of being foldable in two or three parts, facilitating the collection and storage after use. Some of them incorporate in their design padded armrests that make them especially comfortable for the game.

If you want to buy one of these folding boards, choose from our selection and you will check all its benefits.

Actualización: 07/03/2024