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Barajador automático de cartas eléctrico
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  • Barajador automático de cartas eléctrico

Automatic electric card shuffler

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Automatic card shuffler, with leatherette sides, mixing one to two decks of cards in an optimal and transparent way, plastic and cardboard decks, at the push of a button.



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Automatic electric card shuffler

Great card mixer made of plastic with leatherette coated sides. Mix both plastic and cardboard decks. Especially suitable for the game of blackjack, for its ability to extract the cards one by one, although you can also extract the complete deck and make the distribution for games such as poker, mus and other games.

The automatic shuffler, works with adapter for plug to power included, although it also works with 4 batteries of 1.5 w (not included)

With this automatic card shuffler you will mix in an instant from one to two decks automatically. This accessory is essential to clear doubts in games with distrustful players, offers total transparency when distributing.

With this add-on you will improve your poker equipment, the image of fair play will be beyond doubt and will become more agile, being able to distribute many more hands per hour.