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Baraja española de Fournier Nº 1 de 50 cartas
  • Baraja española de Fournier Nº 1 de 50 cartas

Spanish Fournier Deck No. 1 of 50 cards

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Spanish deck of Fournier No. 1 of 50 cards, made of plasticized cardboard. The barajas fournier enjoy a high prestige in the elaboration of cards



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Spanish Fournier Deck No. 1 of 50 cards

This Spanish deck from Fournier, is made of plasticized cardboard composed of triple layer of card paper "with gut", with the finish of varnish "ivory fiber", exclusive and secret formula of the Fournier brand. It consists of 50 cards, from Ace to 9 and Sota, horse and King with its four deck suits (Golds, cups, wands and swords).

It is distributed with its own plastic cardboard box for storage after use.

Fournier is a manufacturer of cards for board games with a long tradition, since it began in 1868 in the city of Vitoria as a small workshop for making cards.

Heraclio Fournier cards today are synonymous with quality and prestige recognized by the best players and Casinos, providing fun and safety.

Characteristics of the Spanish deck of Fournier Nº 1

  • 50 cards
  • Material: Plasticized cardboard
  • Encephalophanated and with cardboard box
  • Size: 6,5 x 9,5 cm
  • Backs: Red and black

Visit the manufacturer: www.nhfournier.es


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