Save cards - save cards - Cow boys
  • Save cards - save cards - Cow boys

Save cards - cardguard - Cow boys

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The card guard "Cow boys" is a poker accessory to cover and store your cards at the table and will also give you a more professional image. It is made of solid iron and has a golden bath.



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Save cards - save cards - Cow boys

With this accessory, your cards will always be protected, it will never happen that your cards are withdrawn with a hand that you would have wanted to play. This accessory is of great help when for any reason among others, you have to get up from the table, the dealer will see your card card saved on your cards and will know that you are still in the game, your cards will not be withdrawn

This accessory of very attractive design will make you stand out, there are many different representative models with different motifs oriented to poker. The card guard is made of solid iron, its particular decoration and contains a golden bathroom. It is a luxury card guard of great quality that will give you a touch more professionalism.


Diameter: 40 mm

Thickness: 3 mm

Weight: 30 grams.

It is sent in a transparent plastic protective container, it can be kept in it and even exposed if desired, as they can also be collected. Other uses of the card saver are as a dealer button token or as an amulet. Do not hesitate, get this nice accessory for little money, you will enjoy it.