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Felt and neoprene mats

Mats for playing cards are perfectly suitable for any game. They are made with an anti-humidity treatment and you have them in different models, sizes and prices.

Felt mats

Felt mats that improve the development of the game thanks to their special designs especially focused on playing cards, as well as poker, brisca, chinchón, etc. You can also buy felt mats in different sizes and shapes, choosing the one that best suits your needs. Felt mats are an essential element for the best development of the game, in addition your cards will remain clean and cared for longer.

Neoprene rugs

Non-slip neoprene mats, are ideal for their stability, thanks to their rubber base and weight, they are maintained with total stability on the table, favoring comfort and greater enjoyment of the game. However, its nylon surface is the opposite, smooth and consistent, waterproof and favors the best sliding of the cards on the mat. The storage of this type of mat is quick and simple, as easy as rolling and putting in the cover that accompanies it.

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