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Poker chips cases in their different options by capacity, types of chips and their different prices in models of ABS, Clay or Ceramic chips .

Poker Chips cases

Wide range of poker chips cases among which you are sure to find the right model to develop your favorite game . We are talking about high quality cases from the most economical model to the highest-end models.

The chips cases contain poker or casino chips of different types, such as ABS chips of 11.5 gr of weight made of plastic, Clay chips of 14 gr, made of clay composite and ceramic chips of 10, which as its name suggests, are made of ceramic or stone materials.

In addition, you can choose the cases in each model by the amounts of chips it contains, such as 300-chips cases, 500-chips cases and 1000-chips cases.

In addition, each ase includes playing cards, dealer chip and a set of dice so you can start enjoying some of these complete sets as soon as you receive it.

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Poker chip cases

As you can see, we are specialists in the production of chips cases, putting at your disposal a wide range of models, among which you will not have a problem choosing the one that best suits you, depending on the type of chip, briefcase and other variants such as the model and the decks themselves.

Among our briefcases, you will see that we give you two options, such as the standard composition briefcases and the configurable briefcases, we describe each one below.

Standard Type Chips Cases:

They are briefcases with a specific type composition, generally for the cash type game modality, although you can also find others with tournament type compositions. In both cases, said configuration is perfectly valid and suitable for the perfect development of the game and you will save some money.

Configurable chips cases:

They are briefcases in which you can indicate your specific composition in terms of the values ​​and the quantities required for each value (in multiples of 25), that is, in your specific case, for example, the value of 1, you are not interested and you can decide not to have chips of 10 because you prefer more than 5, as well as in the case that you prefer a tournament-type composition and require values ​​from 25. You can detail this aspect in the field for messages about your order, which you will find during the purchase process (checkout page).

You can also find models of different types of briefcases and of superior quality in the empty briefcases section. If you are interested in configuring your team with any of these, just like the decks, just get in touch and inform us of your requirement, we will compensate the difference in prices.

Actualización: 24/04/2023