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Mats and boards for playing cards

Mats and boards for playing poker or other playing cards in various sizes. In both cases they serve to create a more appropriate environment, in addition to a better conservation of the cards.

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Mats and boards for card games

An indispensable element when sitting down to play a game of cards, is undoubtedly the mat, as a way to create the right environment and maintain a more orderly game and of course, for the best conservation of the cards.

We have card mats and boards in various sizes and in different materials, such as felt and neoprene. Any of them perfectly fulfills its function and will depend on your needs and tastes to make the best choice.

Folding boards for board games

The boards for board games are made of wood, covered with fabrics especially suitable for card games for their softness, as they provide an excellent sliding of them. These boards are specially designed to play poker mainly, although they are mostly usable for any other type of game. On the other hand, they are manufactured so that they can be folded and collected once the game is finished, occupying very little space, usually incorporating a cover especially suitable for it.

Models of mats and boards

All quality models, varying in their shape and raw materials, we have a wide variety of sizes, it will be a matter of taking these concepts into account when choosing.

Mats from sizes such as 40 x 50 or 50 x 50 cm in felt with and without non-slip rubber ideal for games of up to 4 players, from there we move on to larger felt mats, from 80 x 80 cm

Neoprene mats with measures ranging from 120 x 60 to 180 x 90 cm, of very high quality, non-slip. You will fully enjoy playing your games on this type of mat.

Folding boards in different shapes and sizes, they are the closest thing to a game table, good product quality, you will not regret having one of these models.

Actualización: 24/04/2023